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A widely enjoyed staple of Asian cooking, rice fields abound throughout the Eastern world, including northern Vietnam and the picturesque town of Sapa, near the Chinese border. Different from the paddies in the southern part of Vietnam, rice plantations cover wider, drier areas in this part of the country and throughout the region, changing the land and providing for its people in ways that have grown from a rich tradition of farm labor and respect for nature.


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Agricultural heritage

As more and more people seek green and sustainable ways of living, interest has increased in traditional agricultural methods and in experiencing cultivation and food production firsthand. People want to get closer to the source of the food that sustains them and their families. For some, this means touring a rice field and spending time there among the pristine vegetation and watching how tiny plants become a mainstay of cooking for much of the world.

Authentic experiences

njdvl04qgiklfoq7nkbsIn coming to the rice fields of Sapa, visitors also have the opportunity to have more genuine experiences, different from what tourists typically experience in foreign countries. Here, they have the opportunity to meet with locals in their homes and in the fields and know what daily life is like for them there. This is a chance to connect with other human beings from different cultures and backgrounds in a positive and collaborative way to bring about greater understanding between people from distant places in the world.

Why just imagine?

For travelers asking themselves what it would be like to work on a plantation in Southeast Asia, this opportunity is the answer. It is not necessary only to imagine what can really be done! Through this program, it is possible for a guest to spend part of a day working in the rice fields, shoulder to shoulder with the locals who work there, learning from them and getting to know them.

Further details for harvesting rice with locals in Hue, Thua Thien-Hue, Vietnam can be found in this PDF.

Some facts – rice fields, Vietnam

Populationa 88 M
Gross Domestic Product (m)b 90.6
Total land area ( ha)c 33,121,000
Total crop area (ha)a 10,072,000
Total rice area (ha)a 7,414,300
Ave. rice yield (tons/ha)a 5.23
Total rice production (t)d 38,725,100
Rice export (t)e 6,671,722

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