The science of horticulture is extremely diverse, and there are many less-known subfields within the profession that can appeal to students. When horticulture is mentioned, many picture crop growing and production that overlaps greatly with agriculture. There are other areas of horticulture that should be further explored, and here are a couple of the highlights.

images (26)Turf Management

If you are a fan of any sport that is played on natural grass, then you have been exposed to horticulture to some degree. Turf management falls under horticulture because you are growing a plant for the purpose of human use, which is entertainment. If you have ever admired how beautiful a soccer pitch looks or how great a golf course green feels when you play on it, then you are admiring the work of horticulturalists. Likewise, when sports fields are not in great condition, then something along the process of growing and maintaining that type of grass went awry.

Landscape Horticulture

Landscape plant production and management is a very lucrative field because everyone with a lawn wants it to look great. These are the experts we turn to when we want to plant a tree to beautify our lawns and increase the value of our homes. Landscape horticulturalists are not relegated to individual residences, however. They also aid in designing urban areas with beautiful parks and other green zones.


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