With all of our technological advances and innovations within the past hundred years, it can be easy to forget where our food comes from. Supermarkets disconnect consumers from the source of their food, and often the products that are bought come from thousands of miles away. When agriculture first began at the dawn of civilization, it served the purpose of feeding the local community. In this modern age, it has become increasingly important to learn from our agricultural roots and buy our produce at the local level when things are in season.

The Benefits


One of the major benefits to buying local produce is that you reduce your carbon footprint. Many crops at the supermarket can be flown in from thousands of miles away, and this contributes greatly to fossil fuel consumption. Furthermore, these plants are often loaded with preservatives in order for them to survive the long trip. Buying local will ensure that you get the freshest produce possible while avoiding the consumption of unnatural chemicals.

How to Change the System

In order to change the way we get our food, we are going to have to vote with our wallets. If we start buying local, the farmers that grow our food will have more resources to plant and grow more. Ideally, there would be farmers in every town growing the essential crops that the population needs. Individuals can also grow their own fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, a spice garden is very inexpensive and easy to maintain. If these tips are employed, we as a society would be much closer to increasing our physical and planetary health.


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