Although it is a controversial plant, Cannabis has been found to be helpful in relieving stress and combating some symptoms of disease. In other uses, hemp has the potential to be a lot more sustainable compared to cotton. In some states, it is now legal to use Cannabis recreationally and to grow it yourself. If you are new to growing Cannabis, the following are some essential tips you should follow in order to get a healthy plant.

Growing Conditions

growing.marijuanaCannabis can be grown either in soil, hydroponically and aeroponically. Soil growth is by far the simplest way to grow Cannabis. The pH of the soil should be between 6 and 6.5. There are no special soil nutrient requirements, and commercial potting soils do fine for growing Cannabis. One must take caution not to use too much, however, as this can damage the plant due to increased acidity. The ideal temperature for growing Cannabis is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and the plant must get about 14 hours of daylight. While it has been shown that Cannabis can withstand 24 hour light, researchers believe that the absence of a dark cycle can be detrimental to a plant’s overall health.

Watering of the plant must be done with the purest water available. Commonly, municipal water has minerals and other chemicals such as Fluorine that can be detrimental to the plant’s growth. The best water to use in the growth of Cannabis is spring water. Watering frequency depends on the growing conditions. Just be aware that too much water can kill the plant.

Using these guidelines, it will become much easier to produce healthy Cannabis plants for your use.


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