hydroponicFor centuries, growing plants in soil has been the only way to cultivate crops. With modern advances in agricultural technology, however, it is now possible to grow plants in a variety of different ways. The following are clever alternatives to growing plants outside of soil.


Hydroponics is not a relatively recent invention, and examples of it can be found as early as 1627. This method involves growing plants using nutrient solutions as opposed to soil. The plants do not have to be grounded in anything, although many hydroponic growers use perlite or clay pebbles to anchor the plants down. The key is that the plant is getting all of its nutrients from the aqueous solution and does not need to soil to survive.


Aeroponics is a much more modern method than hydroponics, and it involves the growing of plants in air and only using mist. The mist is what transmits the nutrients, and there is no medium involved in hydroponics. There are many benefits to aeroponics and the most obvious of these is the increased aeration of the crop. Without a medium, there is also less risk of the plant developing a pathogenic disease.

As you can see, there are many ways that a plant can be cultivated. No longer are we limited by the availability of soil. This can be very useful in the future when the amount of arable soil on the planet is further depleted.


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